Sensitron Srl

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Prodotti e soluzioni in vetrina

Sensitron srl Italy, an Italian manufacturer of industrial grade gas detection systems for toxic and explosive compounds.
Control panels and gas detectors are fully certified according to both ATEX directive and the new standard EN50402 for SIL2 and SIL3 capability.

Along with the traditional sensor technologies, SMART-S SIL2(3) detectors can employ Laser technology for selective measurement of CH4 in hazardous plants.

Besides the high-tech features proposed, to be mentioned the new IOG software that allows remote monitoring of the systems via the cloud.

Sensitron is also aware of a market share where quality products and cost effective prices represent a major selling key-point, like the innovative SPS system purposely designed for CO and NO2 detection in car parks. These products, along with the new MULTISCAN++ have been certified in compliance with the European Standard EN50545-1.

Sensitron is ISO 9001:vision 2008 certified.